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North Island

The North Island of New Zealand, is a wonderland of volcanic and geothermal activity, magnificent beaches, vibrant cities and emerald farmlands. Explore the unique Māori culture, join in a traditional hāngi and witness a terrifying haka dance. Journey amongst emerald lakes, active volcanoes and steamy fumaroles at one of the world’s best day hikes, the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. Marvel at galaxies of tiny living glowworms and venture through subterranean waterways at the mighty Waitomo. Visit the geysers and thermal bubbling pools of Rotorua and spoil yourself into some of the world’s best spa facilities. Last but not least, experience the true Middle Earth and stroll between colourful hobbit-holes in lush green hills and taste the renowned Green Dragon ale. North Island is, indeed, an exceedingly versatile destination.