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Kalotaritissa Beach – The natural bay you NEED to visit

by Nikos Taskos
14 minutes read

Amorgos has some amazing beaches, for all kinds of travellers; rocky, sandy, pebbled, organised, and even secluded.

But when it’s windy (well, most of the time) things can get nasty. So, if you are looking for a peaceful paradise without mass tourism, then Kalotaritissa beach is the place to go.

panorama of a sheltered bay with blue waters, boats and a beach in amorgos
Panoramic view of the sheltered bay – the beach is on the left side (Image © Miles with Vibes)

Where is Kalotaritissa and how can I get there?

The beach is located at the bottom (southern) tip of Amorgos. It’s easily accessible by car along the Kato Meria Road and the journey takes about 35 minutes from Chora.

The road is well maintained without any difficult parts. Click here for the location on Google Maps.

Did you know?

The name of the beach means “good weather”, originating from the Greek word “kalotaria”. Indeed, it’s a peaceful natural bay, protected from windy weather & stormy waves.

fishing boats in a sheltered bay with crystal waters
No matter the weather, it’s always calm inside Kalotaritissa bay (Image © Miles with Vibes)

The beach

Kalotaritissa is famous for its magnificent landscapes and calm waters. Even when the wind is blowing all over Amorgos, Kalotaritissa guarantees peace & tranquillity making the trip down there extra worth it.

clean beach in amorgos with blue waters and sand
Half of the beach is organised and the other half remains free (Image © Miles with Vibes)

As you approach the beach from the road above, pull over somewhere safe and admire the bay. You got it, here is your cart-postal from your holidays in Greece!

The beach is rather long, inside a sheltered inlet, with crystal clear turquoise waters. It’s sandy with several parts having pebble as well. The water entry is smooth and slightly sloping with a medium depth.

small sandy beach with fishing boats anchored in calm sea
There’s another small beach nearby (Image © Miles with Vibes)

What about water temperature?

Good news for all those cold-buts out there! The water temperature is always a few degrees higher than the other beaches on the island.

The sea is filled with numerous fishing boats dropping anchor here, protected by the Aegean waves. That makes the bay even more charming.

Quick Facts

Location: Southern AmorgosAmenities: mini kiosk, sunbeds & umbrellas
Access: CarSuitable for: families, couples
Highlights: postcard view, boat ride, serenityBeach type: Sandy with some pebbles
kalotaritissa beach crowded with fishing boats
Fishing boats find protection inside Kalotaritissa bay (Image © Miles with Vibes)

What to expect

Part of the beach (around ⅓) is organised but there is plenty of room on the sand if you wish to bring your own beach equipment.

For those of you who bring nothing but yourselves, there is a small beach cafe, sunbeds & umbrellas for rent (10€ per set).

Make sure to arrive before 12, if you plan to hire sunbeds as there are not too many available.

one of the best beaches in amorgos
Carte Postale of a dreamy location (Image © Miles with Vibes)

Don’t miss

Try the traditional homemade pies with xynomizithra (Greek whey cheese) and zucchini. Another highlight snack you can grab is… meatballs, freshly made and instantly served.

The only drawback is the fact that the generator produces a lot of noise, even if it’s higher up the hill.

Boat trip to Gramvousa

If you are planning to combine Kalotaritissa with a trip to the nearby isle of Gramvousa you can take a boat ride departing every 30 mins or 1 hour.

air view of gramvousa island in amorgos
Gramvousa island, accessible by boat (Image © amorgos.gr)

There are two sandy beaches with clear waters, but you need to bring your own stuff as there are no tourist amenities on the island.

You can go exploring around to find more beautiful spots to swim in or discover some good fishing & snorkelling spots.

Know before you go

Where is Kalotaritissa beach?

The beach is in the southern (bottom) tip of Amorgos. Click here for the exact location.

How can I get to Kalotaritissa beach?

The beach is easily accessible by car, around 35 minutes from Amorgos Chora. Learn more here.

What does Kalotaritissa mean?

Kalotaritissa comes from the Greek word “kalotaria”, meaning “good weather”.

Are there any tourist amenities?

The beach is organised with sunbeds & umbrellas for hire (10€) and a small beach kiosk.

Is the beach suitable for families and small children?

Yes, since it’s easily accessible, has tourist amenities and is protected from winds and storms. See photos of the beach here.

How can I go to Gramvousa isle?

You can get the transfer boat departing from Kalotaritissa beach. Click here to learn more.

A short hike with wonderful views

If you are not the relaxing-on-the-beach-for-too-long type, then you might feel like stretching your legs a bit.

hiking trail in amorgos next to the sea
The short path on the backside of the beach (Image © Miles with Vibes)

If you go past the small beach canteen and across the road, you’ll find yourself on the far side of the inlet. Take a deep breath of the cold Aegean breeze and enjoy some wonderful views over Gramvousa isle.

small island inside the wavy sea
Gramvousa is nearby but make sure to grab the transfer boat to get there (Image © Miles with Vibes)

If you are feeling more adventurous, you can go uphill, all the way to the top and enjoy some spectacular views over the Kalotaritissa bay.

cliff hiking in amorgos
The way up the cliff (Image © Miles with Vibes)

Spot on!

Can you find the 5 mysterious rock pyramids on the top of the hill?

kalotaritissa beach overview with a small island behind
View of Kalotaritissa beach from the top of the hill (Image © Miles with Vibes)

Is Kalotaritissa beach worth it?

For me, it’s one of the best beaches in Amorgos.

No matter if you are the relaxing-on-a-sunbed type or more of a free spirit you can find your place in the bay. It’s relaxing, easily accessible and well-protected from windy weather.

What’s more, the small beach bar provides you with cocktails, drinks, and snacks.

Could you ask for more?

You can combine Kalotaritissa beach with a short hike to Amorgos shipwreck nearby.

Have you visited Kalotaritissa beach in Amorgos? Leave your thoughts below!

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