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Where to try the BEST crepes in Sydney

by Nikos Taskos
23 minutes read

Crepes are awesome. For many reasons.

Lunch, breakfast, or dinner, you can have them anytime. Savoury or sweet, your choice. And you can stuff them as much as you want!

But where can you get top-notch crepes in Sydney?

Name’s Four Frogs creperie. Those guys make authentic French crepes taking it to a whole new level!

Best galettes and crepes in Sydney
If you find yourself craving for crepes in Sydney make sure to drop by Four Frogs Creperie

The crêpe revolution

Four Frogs crêperie is the story of four Frenchmen, known as the “Four Frogs”.

They loved everything Sydney had to offer; wonderful people, perfect climate and beautiful beaches. What was missing?

Authentic Bretagne Crepes.

crepe dough

According to Florian Guillemard, founding chef, there weren’t many places you could find authentic crepes in Sydney. That’s why in 2013, “les quatre grenouilles” gave back to the city they loved so much something precious & tasty – the crêpe.

Crepes are a specialty of Brittany, a region in France, where the tools & techniques of crepe-making have been mastered over the ages.
A crêpe full of fruits - raspberry & mango topped with white chocolate ice cream
A crêpe full of fruits – raspberry and mango topped with white chocolate ice cream

The four crepe masters brought all the traditional techniques and recipes used by the skilled crêpiers of Bretagne.

In France we love crepes; they are served fresh and delicious along with a glass of cider and good company. And that’s the reason we are passionate about replicating both the recipes and the experience offered by the authentic creperies in Bretagne.
Florian Guillemard

Truly, in all their creperies in Sydney, everything is catered to provide a unique, memorable & tasty experience.

An extraordinary approach

The menu is divided between sweet crepes and savoury galettes. They come in two different sizes – La Simple and La Double.

The crepes are traditionally made but they are adapted to Australian tastes.

formaggi ocello cheese pouring into a galette
Formaggi Ocello cheese oozing its way into a galette

The frogs use their secret family recipe and combine it with Australian dishes.

Thus, they experiment with a new “FrAussie” approach on all their dishes.

The sweet crêpes

It’s no secret I have a massive sweet tooth!

Therefore, I went directly for the dessert and took head-on two sweet crepes (crêpes sucrées).

Nutella special crêpe, with Nutella and Nutella ice cream
Nutella overdose – a crêpe with almonds, Nutella and Nutella ice cream

The first one I picked is rather famous; white chocolate ice cream, grilled almond and salted caramel sauce.

The sweetness of the caramel, the crunchiness of the smoked almonds and the softness of the ice cream scoop were pure wickedness.

The crepe was paper-thin, soft in the middle and crispy on the edges.

The famous caramelised apple, salted caramel sauce, vanilla ice-cream and crumble crêpe
The famous caramelised apple, salted caramel sauce, vanilla ice-cream and crumble crêpe

However, if you don’t feel like being so adventurous, you can go for safer options and still be amazed.

Fresh strawberries with Nutella or dark Belgian chocolate is a combination that always lives up to expectations.

Crêpe with homemade chocolate sauce and fresh strawberries
Crêpe with homemade chocolate sauce and fresh strawberries

The second choice was a bit more explosive!

Let me introduce…

The Flambé

Created in Paris, in 1895, the famous Crepe Suzette (as it is officially called) is an all-time favourite among crepe lovers.

But what makes it so special?

Well, apart from being served on fire, the «explosive» combination of orange segments, candied orange zest, caramelised sugar and Grand Marnier, is simply divine.

Pouring liqueur over crepe suzette in Sydney at Four Frogs
Pouring Grand Marnier all over the crepe so that the pyro-show may begin

The crepes (yes, there were two, I got La Double) arrived quickly; the Grand Marnier was poured onto the crepes and they were set alight in front of me.

The aroma that filled the air was really promising. As soon as all the alcohol was burned off, it was time to enjoy my meal.

making of a flaming crepe
​The perfect way to warm up your taste buds

Crêpe Suzette exceeded my expectations – the nice alcoholic kick from the liqueur along with the smoked caramel was delicious.

It was certainly the highlight of my visit to Four Frogs and I urge you to go for it!

Have your camera ready, you don’t want to miss this one!

The savoury galettes

Apart from the sweet delicacies, Four Frogs is also proud of its galettes (crêpes sales), the savoury version of crepes.

Made with Australian buckwheat flour, they are the perfect choice for all those craving a savoury bite.

Savoury galette with garlic, parsley, prawns, spinach, cherry, tomato and Parmesan
The perfect savoury combination – garlic, parsley, prawns, spinach, cherry, tomato and Parmesan
Options are anything but limited
  • Swiss cheese, smoked salmon, walnuts & sun-dried tomatoes
  • chorizo, avocado, Swiss cheese & mushrooms
  • smoked duck, hoisin sauce, spring onions & cheese
A savoury galette being prepared with fresh ingredients at Four Frogs Creperie
Four Frogs Creperie prides itself for using only the freshest ingredients

All of them looked like a four-sided package; thin, golden brown, beautifully soft and crispy.

Savoury galette made with fresh figs, goat cheese and prosciutto in Sydney
When the fig season is on, try something different – a savoury galette made with fresh figs, goat cheese and prosciutto

High-quality ingredients

Crepes and galettes are simple dishes; therefore, to make them tasty, you need to use only the freshest produce.

I have learned that the savoury galettes are made from gluten-free buckwheat flour milled in-store.

This, according to the authentic Bretagne recipe, is done to preserve the freshness of the dough and fully deliver its strong taste.

Similarly, the salt used is handpicked from Guérande, a variety known as “fleur de sel” – the “caviar” of sea salts.

ingredients for a savory crepe

  • free-range eggs
  • freshly whipped cream
  • pepe saya butter
  • rich homemade chocolate
  • milkshake syrup
  • salted caramel sauces
  • quality farmer’s milk
  • fresh vegetables
  • ripe fruits
  • slow-cooked meats and
  • onions prepared with cider

Everything is lovingly prepared in-house “à la minute”.

What’s more, the frogs never forget to add their secret ingredient – whatever it is, it surely does the trick!

Et voilà, that’s how the best crepes in Sydney are being prepared!

Milling room at Four Frogs Creperie - it's where buckwheat flour is milled in-house
Milling the buckwheat flour in-house is a daily “routine”

Cider and crepes – the perfect duo

French cider is a natural drink made from apples produced in Normandy & Brittany.

Having cider with crepes is a French tradition and so in honour of that, Four Frogs offers a great variety of both French & Aussie ciders. They are served in the bolée (wide ceramic bowls) and they have the perfect balance of sweetness, acidity and bitterness.

French cider served in the bolée along with a délicieuse galette
French cider served in the bolée along with a délicieuse galette
Our deliciously warming mulled cider is made from Kerisac French cider, and a comforting combination of cinnamon, Grand Marnier, orange slices and lemon juice.
Florian Guillemard

Combining the right cider with your crepe or galette adds up to the whole experience, therefore, make sure to seek advice from the staff.

French Mulled Cider Kerisac at Four Frogs Creperie in Sydney
Refreshing and tasty – French Mulled Cider Kerisac as served at the Four Frogs Creperie in Sydney

The coffee – a unique blend

All coffee lovers out there will appreciate this one!

Four Frogs work closely with a local micro-roaster and have crafted a full-bodied, rich coffee with a lasting chocolate aftertaste. It perfectly trails along with your crepe or galette.

Indulge in heavenly crêpes with homemade chocolate sauce accompanied by a cup of barista brewed coffee
Indulge in heavenly crêpes with homemade chocolate sauce accompanied by a cup of barista brewed coffee

The Verdict – best crepes in Sydney?

There’s nothing like a delicious crepe to fire up the day. Or end it.

The technique of crepe-making has been perfected to fine art in Bretagne and it’s difficult to find a better place to try than Four Frogs.

The service was charming and personal with French accents being heard in the kitchen and the «pyro-show» was one of a kind.

Black Forest Crêpe, Cherry Curd, Belgian Chocolate sauce, Whipped Cream & Cherry macerated in Kirsch
Black Forest Crêpe, Cherry Curd, Belgian Chocolate sauce, Whipped Cream & Cherry macerated in Kirsch

Four Frogs delivers a slice of French culinary tradition right into the heart of Sydney. It’s an authentic home of crepes, a traditional creperie serving très bonnes crêpes and galettes.

Bonne appétit!

Traditional French crepes in Sydney - Four Frogs Creperie
The Crepe Revolution in Sydney begins at Four Frogs Creperie

Know before you go

Cuisine: French (Breetagne)Good for: Brunch, Lunch, Dinner
Cost: 30$ AUD p.p.Gluten-free & Vegeterian options: Yes
Reservation: RecommendedWebsite: Four Frogs Creperie

Quick Questions

Do I need to book a table at Four Frogs Creperie?

Booking a table is not required but highly recommended. The official website features an online booking tool! Learn more before your visit here!

Are there vegeterian & gluten-free options available?

Yes, all menu items are properly marked. Learn more about the menu before visiting!

Can I have an event at Four Frogs?

Yes, not only you can organise a private event but you can even create your own menus for a great night out with friends or family. Learn more about Four Frogs here!

What type of cuisine should I expect?

That would be the French type, and, more specifically Bretagne. Learn more about the cuisine of the Four Frogs!

Where can I visit the Four Frogs in Sydney?

You can visit any of the 4 creperies in Sydne – Circular Quay, Mosman, Randwick, Lane Cove. Find more info about Four Frogs here!

Is there a kid menu available?

Yes, there is a special menu for kids called “Little Froggies”. Learn more about Four Frogs Creperie here!

Τhis article is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. Miles with Vibes claims no credit for any of the images posted; they are copyrighted to their respectful owner, Four Frogs Creperie. I visited their creperie in Circular Quay in 2018.

Which side are you on? Sweet crepes or savoury galettes? Let us know in the comments below!

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